The Factory

Video Art

My video artwork is usually exhibited with an installation structure or environment. many were made for site-specific exhibitions or performances.

Clipper 2020
Immortalities 2012
Moscow Tryptich 2012
Immaterial Perspectives (after Moholy-Nagy) 2012
The Falcon Works 2007
New Unstructures 2005
Primordial 2002

Field Recordings series

Field Recordings V: Berlin Love Story 2013
Field Recordings IV: Photographing Richard Serra 2013
Field Recordings III: Pictures (not) at an exhibition 2009
Field Recordings I: Berlin Gleim Tunnel 2004
Field Recordings II: Gauforum 2003
Field Recordings 0: Memorial Forest 2002

Very Short Videos (The Collection) – ongoing

Iron Abstracts |Spin | sentence | Passenger | Berlin Love Story | The Factory

exhibition talk by Gillian. McIver, 2020