About Me

‘equally surrealist and realist’

Urban Exploration kicked it all off… Infiltrating hidden places, transgressing and trespassing …

The way I often choose to work is best described as “expressionist documentary.” Darkly poetic explorations of places. Stories and explorations of real things, real places, reinterpreted through an expressionistic, subjective and wholly immersed direct experience.

The deep role of time and change is the basic subject matter for all of my work. I’m interested in the “reintegration of fragments” or what Anselm Kiefer has described as “bringing together what has come apart.”

I am interested in revealing images which are very strong; that offer a glimpse of past worlds and indistinct realities; where the boundaries between fiction and documentary blur, and memories take on a life of their own.

I’m interested in exploring ‘magical locales’ (ref. Ivan Chteglov) and liminal spaces, in real life and in the mind.

About me (more factual!)

Gillian McIver received her PhD from Roehampton University in the Media Culture and Languages department, specialising in Art History and Cinema Studies. Her area of research addresses the relationships between cinema and painting in visual culture.

Gillian is the author of Art History For Filmmakers: The Art Of Visual Storytelling (Bloomsbury 2016), the first comprehensive survey of the historical and aesthetic relationship between cinema and visual art. Her forthcoming book is Art and the history Film: between Realism and the Sublime. She recently published  ‘Michael Chapman’s Rauschenberg: Mise-en-scène and scenography in Taxi Driver’ in Scenography and Art History (Bloomsbury, 2021)

She makes films, has curated many live art projects and exhibitions and ran an East London gallery. She is currently Associate Lecturer in Film and Media at Central St Martins and the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Her current research interests include media archaeology, art and film and Egyptian cinema.

She blogs at http://arthistoryfilm.org/ and at http://www.theartraveller.com