Art and the Historical Film: Between Realism and the Sublime
Art History for Filmmakers

Other Writings

  • ‘The Mystagogue: Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg and the Art of the Occult’ The Swedenborg Review IV, 2023
  • A World Made of Art’ in Screening the Art World ed. Temenuga Trifonova, University of Amsterdam Press 2022.
  • Scenography and Art History Bloomsbury Press 2020
  • TWIXT  118 pp. Published by Nant Studio, 2012. ISBN 978-0-9563567-4-1 Collected critical writings and black and white photography.
  • Tarkovsky’s River Photography and text 2012 Published by Parallel Project.
  • Site Specific Art: Art as Site Response E-book about site-specific art, including history, theory and showcase of projects

ARTICLES: Much of my published work is collected here



  • Review: Frieze London – a good education in how the art market works A-N 17 Oct 2013
  • Nam June Paik: Retrospective” A-N Feb 2011
  • I Am Here ” Critical Cities vol. 2 ed. Deepa Naik & Trenton Oldfield, Myrdle Court Press, 2010
  • “Stefanos Pavlakis: Artist of the Month” Axis Sept 2010
  • “Over site? Site Specific Art Today” Arts Professional Jan. 2010
  • “Overflow: Ima Pico and the digital mural” Catalogue essay for Overflow, an exhibition by Ima Pico, Milton Keynes Contemporary 2009 [read]
  • Schematic catalogue essay 2008
  • “Voice of the Artist: Urban Intervention and Artistic Experiment” in Generalized Empowerment,
    Johan Moyerson, Saskia Sassen, Ana Betancour et al., ed. Jim Segers. Bruxelles, City Mined: 2006.
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  • “Collaboration as Practice” in DIY Survival ed. C6 Collective, Metamute: 2005
  • “Interconnection: Life and Art in a Forgotten Russian Town” published Crosswalk vol1 issue 2 2005
  • “Intervention & Imagination in the Fragmented City: Luna Nera in Belfast” 2005 [read]

Papers / Presentations:

  • ‘Egyptomania, Alchemy and Magic: decolonizing magic in contemporary art curation’ Association for Art History Annual Conference, London UCL 2023
  • ‘Transnational Curation: the Alchemy Exhibition’ in Curating Magic British Art Network Symposium. 2022.
  • ‘The Mystagogue: Philip James De Loutherbourg, Magic and Early Cinema’ Trans-States, University of Northampton 2022.
  • ‘Philip James De Loutherbourg, an Illustrated Lecture.’ The Swedenborg Centre, 2022.
  • ‘Akhenaten: The Tragedy of the Great House’ Shady Abdel Salaam’s unrealized film. Shadow Screens: Unmade, Unseen, Unreleased Film and Television Sheffield Hallam University 2022.
  • The Colonial Curse of “Egyptomania” and the Postcolonial Pharaonic. UAAC Conference, 2021
  • “Colour: between Art History and Cinema” Ways of Seeing Public Lecture, National Gallery London, Association for Art History November 2018.
  • “An illusion that feels real” – adapting Dutch Golden Age painting into cinema and photography” in the panel Reimagining the Iconic: Adapting and Adaptations of the Pictorial Image, UAAC Conference 2017 Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff Canada, October 2017
  • “Michael Chapman’s Rauschenberg: the role of art history in contemporary scenography” Association for Art History Conference, University of Loughborough, May 2017
  • “Collectivisation of art in the new crisis economy” TINAG 2010.
  • “Podcasting, Art and the digital economy” Digital Media 1.0, La Nau, University of Valencia 2008
  • “The 30-second Dilemma: the fall and rise of video art” University of Valencia 2006 [read]
  • “Permanent Experiment: site-responsive art practice in context” British Art Show 06 Sideshow Symposium, Nottingham 2006