Currently based in London UK

Selected Filmography
Taking Over the King's Land 2014
Photographing Richard Serra 2014
Image Matters 2012 (as film producer)
The Landscape of Pleasure 2011
Project Gagarin (A Cold War Nostalgia) 2011
Tarkovsky's River 2010
Postindustrial Baroque 2009
The Falcon Works 2007 (remix 2015)
No Empty Place (is ever empty) 2006
Places - A Collection 2005
Mosti: The Bridges of St Petersburg 2003
Passenger 2003
The Bride 2002

Selected Exhibitions and Exhibition Screenings

Invisible Cities, The Steamship PS London
Bon Collage, KottiShop Gallery Berlin
PSVI Film Festival, British Film Institute, London (installation art)
Casablanca Bienniale, Morocco
Sheffield Docfest
Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, Exeter
Teatro Alexandria, Egypt
Trispace Gallery London
Portobello Film Festival London
The Mayflower, Rotherhithe
Nightpiece Film Festival, Edinburgh Fringe
Espacio Enter, Tenerife, Canarias
Whitechapel Gallery, London. Film screening Tarkovsky's River.
Digital Landscape - Espacio Enter, Tenerife, Canarias.
CeC'12 India - Parallel Visions | Global Art Video, Uttarakhand, India
* Co-founded Studio 75 artist run space in London*
Intervalos Lúcidos - Espacio Enter, Tenerife, Canarias
"Keeping Afloat - Gallery La Clinica Mundana, Valencia
ARTSIDE Southend on Sea (a Parallel Project production)
Revolution Now and Forever - Gallery Mavena, Croatia
HOST 02 - Art Funkl Manchester
Unfolding sequences - Montreal
CeC'11 India Global Art Video - Uttarakhand, India
dokumentART European Film Festival for Documentaries, Szczecin
EdgeLogue - New Delhi
Topolski Century Gallery, South Bank Centre, London
«PI five» Performance & Intermedia Festival, Szczecin
Southend -on-Sea Film Festival, Fringe; TAP
Optica Festival of Video Art, touring
Photocinema - Format Festival of Photography
Prospero's Library - Accademia di Belle Arte, Catania, Italia
The Irresistible District - Helsinki
TINAG Festival - London
Postindustrial Baroque - Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
Digital Media 1.0, Valencia
CCA Glasgow
Menier Gallery, London
Prospero's Library - Central House of Artists and NCCA, Moscow
In SITU - La Farinera del Clot, Barcelona
Cold Store - Kuhlhaus in Gleisdreieck, Berlin
Lighten Up - Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge
Climatic Conditional – Divadlo Alfred ve dvoře, Prague
Vidifestival 06, LaSalaNaranja, Valencia
“Places: 5 Films” - The Collection, Lincoln.
Volgatronika - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
0130 Gallery Helsinki
Street Archaeology – PS2 Gallery, Belfast
Art/Concept: Dostoyevsky Museum St Petersburg
Titanic HQ - and The Urban Playground - Gallery PS2 & site-specific, Belfast
L'età nomade - Ex Mattatoio, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Rome
Interconnection - Kronstadt, Russia
Champ Libre Media Art Festival, Montreal
Tiefenrausch Ost - Factory-Berlin
Cross Encounters - Kronstadt, Russia.
The Derelict Sensation - Midland Grand, St Pancras, London.
The Derelict Sensation Film and Video - Institute of Contemporary Arts London
Evil Art - 291 Gallery, London
Cybersonica - Institute of Contemporary Arts London
Dada Festwochen, Zurich
La Fabrik, Berlin
Wasserstadt - Literaturhaus, Berlin
Paracrafts - Touring exhibition, Russia
Into the deep blue - Factory-Berlin
Dialogues Festival: St Petersburg, Russia
Vancouver New Music Festival, Video In, Canada
Helden der Arbeit - Kunstfabrik, Berlin
LoungeLab - Strassenbahn Depot, Bauhaus University, Weimar
Spider & Mouse Gallery, Moscow
Other Than English - Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, Canada
ART MOSCOW Moscow Art Fair (collaboration with Dirizhable)
DNA Gallery, Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.
Deboshir Film and Video Festival, St Petersburg, Russia
Dialogues Festival, St Petersburg
City Without Frontiers - Atelier des artistes, Alexandria Egypt.
Present Perfect - Centre for Contemporary Art, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Poema Vremenyi/Floodplain of Time - Spider & Mouse Gallery, Moscow
The Thames-Oka Project – The Foundry & The Tactical Cafe, London.

Selected Commissioned Publications
Art History for Filmmakers Bloomsbury Press 2016
"Overflow: Ima Pico and the digital mural" Milton Keynes Contemporary 2009
"Voice of the Artist: Urban Intervention and Artistic Experiment" in Generalized Empowerment,
Johan Moyerson, Saskia Sassen, Ana Betancour et al., ed. Jim Segers. Bruxelles, City Mined: 2006.
“Interconnection: life and art in a forgotten Russian town” Crosswalk (RI, USA) 1.2. 2005
“Collaboration as Practice” in DIY Survival ed. C6 Collective, Metamute: 2005
“Art as Collective Cultural Action” Contexts autumn 2003
“Artists Initiatives in Moscow” Variant 15 Summer 2002

Selected Commissioned Publications and Reviews
Review: "Frieze London – a good education in how the art market works" A-N 17 Oct 2013
“I Am Here ” Critical Cities vol. 2 ed. Deepa Naik & Trenton Oldfield, Myrdle Court Press 2010
“Over site? Site Specific Art Today” Arts Professional Jan. 2010
"Playing with Light and Time" Review of Nam June Paik Retrospective, Tate Liverpool Feb. 2011
ALTERMODERN, Tate Britain, London A-N March 2009

Selected Curatorial Projects
Studio75 London 2011 - 2013
"Schematic: Eric Raymond" Canada House Gallery, London 2008
"Schematic: The Machine that Moves Us (New Media Art from Canada)" SPACE Lomdon 2008

Selected Reviews
The Guardian, review of “Postindustrial Baroque” 16.02.2008 Robert Clark
Navigating History, ARTMargins: Journal of Contemporary Central and East European Visual Culture 2003 Hilary Powell

• PhD, Cinema and Art History, University of Roehampton
• Master of Arts, MA by Project Sir John Cass School of Art at London Guildhall. Supported by the AHRC.
• Bachelor of Arts, Film and Contemporary Media Practice. University of Westminster
• Bachelor of Arts, History and Literature, University of British Columbia
• Master of Arts, History and Cultural Studies, University of Toronto
• Lecturer in Film and Cultural studies

Grants and Awards
Canada Council for the Arts Critics and Curators Award
Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts
AHRC Postgraduate Award, Master of FIne Arts
AHRC Postgraduate TECHNE Award, PhD